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Questions You Need To Ask When Choosing a Sales Territory Mapping Software

Not every sales management software is worth buying. To aid you in the buying process we have highlighted some things that you need to look into when choosing a territory mapping software.
What sales problems do you intend to solve?

The territory mapping software you need depends on the sales challenges that you are having. When you know your business needs then you can choose a business mapping software. It also narrows down your focus when you meet salespeople. Without a clear understanding of what your sales needs are then you will not know which is the correct software for you

Are hierarchies important for your sales team?

DO you need to have various levels of visibility for people in various levels of the sales team? If you need different levels of visibility then choose a software that has hierarchal features. A software that has hierarchal features will enable you to create hierarchies that meet your needs. The clearer you are in explaining your business organization structure the easier it will be to get software that meets your needs.


Every business owner wants to increase sales and that is why you need a software that is able to scale with you as your sales increase. When it comes to scalability the best software is cloud-based. A cloud-based territory mapping software will give you the elasticity that you need to scale up the business (either upwards or downwards) without the need to buy other expensive software or install programs.

Does the software enable your team to collaborate and delegate?

Delegation, collaboration and sharing are key in any sales team and thus your software needs to have these features.
Features that allow you to layer third-party data

If you need to find out other data on your customers like age, gender or population size then choose a software that is able to pick such data.
Reporting needs
Stakeholders need to know how the company sales are doing and this is why you need to get a software that generates performance reports. This is why you need to choose a sales software mapping program that creates good reports. Before choosing a sales territory mapping software you need to know what kind of reports you need.

There are many kinds of performance reports but only two of them are the most common. The two forms include either a map of the territories as a slideshow or using an interactive map that lets the person assessing the report perform their own analysis.

Do they have quality customer support?

You need to identify what level of customer support you require. You can choose to choose a software that has a dedicated account manager or one that gives instant responses through an app chat support.

As you search for a good sales territory mapping software the points discussed above will come in quite handy so that you can make the best choice.

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